What if we cannot solve our mounting planetary challenges from the within the same socio-economic paradigm that created them?



a parallel world for gaming evolution scenarios

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“It is highly probable that civilizations facing even remote extinction events would be simulating alternative systems. For the most advanced societies, it would likely be a central feature of their governance apparatus.”


The elites who finance and run the high-profile catastrophe simulations are also the most invested in the current paradigm. It is understandable they may be averse to gaming new systems in case the rescue from our current vector lies in a model beyond their control.

Given that, shouldn’t a small group of us be experimenting with alternative systems  — on the outside chance we can’t solve our accelerating polycrisis from within the same paradigm that created it?

Visit Medium, or scan  the 13 slide TL;DR version.

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“An agnostic world-building tool that allows communities and organizations to seed their theory of change as their world’s source code. As participants engage in actions and deliver outcomes that are aligned — and non-aligned — with the behavioral directives of the new world, these terraform the surface of the protostar.

Think of it as Minecraft for the (r)evolution. Will our world look like Bladerunner  or Pandora?”

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